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What does it mean to acclimate luxury vinyl flooring?

Just as we need to adjust to new climates and time zones, so does luxury vinyl flooring. Please continue reading to learn why.

What is acclimation?

This pre-installation process allows the moisture levels of the product to align with that of its surroundings. Many think that because it's waterproof, it doesn’t need acclimation.

The core might look solid, but it is porous. As a result, air will circulate and transform your plank's shape and size.

And it doesn't even have to be from a different region

If the waterproof flooring is stored in a cold warehouse and travels to your warm home, it will expand. If it goes from warm to cold, it will shrink.

Acclimation is key to an excellent installation. If you acclimate, your floors will always look as good as they did when you first installed them.

Tips to make the acclimation process more efficient

Keep in mind that the environment should be climate controlled, without excessive heat or air conditioning. If you don't have a climate-controlled thermostat, talk to your flooring expert for advice.

  • The waterproof vinyl flooring needs 48 hours to acclimate to their new environment.
  • Place the planks or tile-sized pieces in opened boxes in the room to be installed. Then, if you have enough space, take them out of the boxes and lay them side-by-side on the floor.
  • The room should be the same temperature that you usually keep, 59 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
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