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Application helps determine appropriate carpet style

There is a carpet style for every application. 'Soft and colorful' is excellent for a youngster's room, while 'moisture-proof and utilitarian' is ideal for basements. You can find a wide range of residential and commercial carpet styles at Absolute Floor Designs. We supply carpet in Bridgeport, CT. We are a locally owned business that can handle even the most challenging installation jobs.

Loop and cut pile

Carpet is constructed by attaching loops of fibers onto a backing. Low loop pile is the most durable type of carpeting. This floor covering has a dense weave and smooth surface, so dirt tends to stay on the surface where it can easily be removed. Pile refers to the density of carpet fibers as well as the length of these fibers. Cut pile styles are created when the loops are cut at the tips. Fibers are turned or twisted for increased durability. Most high-quality styles have a 5.0 or 6.0 TPI, or turns per inch, but a few have a TPI as high as 9.0.


Many of the toughest carpet flooring brands are designed with pet owners in mind. SmartStrand fiber is made, in part, with renewable, plant-based materials. The carpeting provides superior stain resistance as well as spill and soil protection. Nylon is a time-honored fiber that is known for its durability. Nylon resists matting and crushing, and it retains its original look for many years. Triexta is a newer stain-resistant fiber that stands up well to heavy foot traffic. If a natural fiber is preferred, consider superior New Zealand wool.


Wall-to-wall carpeting is installed by pulling it across a room with a carpet stretcher. Installers join carpet pieces together so seams are invisible, and they place transition strips between rooms and molding around walls. Underlayment, or padding, is an essential component of carpet installation. It absorbs the impact of footsteps and keeps the carpet backing from wearing against the bare floor. Without it, carpet floors wear out more quickly. Correct pad thickness, height, and pad density, or weight, are determined by carpet type.

Absolute Floor Designs offers free pad upgrades with a carpet purchase, and we provide free estimates, too. Bridgeport, CT, Fairfield, CT, Westport, CT, Easton, CT, and Trumbull, CT are some of the Southern Connecticut communities that we serve. You’ll find online tools like our extensive catalog, which features a ‘see in my room’ visualizer, to assist you with your carpet upgrade. A ‘0% for 6 months’ financing option is available.