Stair runner in  Bridgeport, CT from Absolute Floor Designs

Living rooms to stairways: choosing the right rug & runner

They do a lot more than add visual interest. For example, area rugs reduce noise, protect bare floors and even make cleaning easier, while stair runners can enhance safety by preventing falls.

However, finding the right ones isn't always a simple matter; rooms aren't perfect squares, and stairways can have odd shapes and various proportions, and that's when you discuss custom rugs with us. We have some suggestions for choosing them but, as always, feel free to contact us if you need more information.

The right size

One of our buyers' most frequently asked questions is how wide a carpet stair runner should be. It depends on the width of the stair tread (the horizontal portion on which you walk.)

For instance, we'd suggest a 27-inch width for a three-foot-wide tread. On the other hand, if it's four or five feet wide, a great runner width is 32- or 33-inches, because it will still show some floor on each side. If the tread falls outside of those widths, or if you're interested in the current design trend of only covering the riser (the vertical element between one tread and the next), talk to our professionals about proportion.

An area rug should be large enough to fit entirely under large pieces of furniture, such as sofas and coffee tables, with at least 18 inches of bare floor sticking out. If, however, it can't be placed entirely under the furniture, it's acceptable to anchor it under the front legs.

Color and pattern considerations

People and pets run up and down stairs all day, so easy cleanability is a must. You don't want every piece of lint or scuff showing, so stick with medium tones that tend to camouflage better. If you go too light or dark, it will show everything!

As for patterns, some are better than others for specific shapes, so it's best to speak with one of our professionals. You can layer area rugs to add visual interest and excitement or tone down an already highly patterned rug. Use multiple rugs to define spaces.

We can turn your custom order around in a week and can also give over-the-phone free quotes. Learn more about rugs, stair runners, our other products, or superior services by visiting the Absolute Floor Designs showroom in Bridgeport, CT. We service Bridgeport, Fairfield, Westport, Easton, and Trumbull.