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Is luxury vinyl flooring suitable if you have pets?

If you are a pet owner, you might find yourself searching for a floor covering that caters to the many requirements that come into play in this situation. The good news is that vinyl flooring is a superb choice in homes with pets, and we’ll tell you more about it in today’s post.

Our vinyl flooring is just right for you

One of the primary concerns for your new flooring search may be a scratch-resistant surface that still looks great years after installation. While pet nails can be hard on your floors, you’ll find that luxury vinyl plank provides performance that features scratch, scuff, stain, and odor resistance, even in your busiest areas.

The complete waterproof protection is another impressive benefit for pet owners, ensuring you’ll never have to replace your floors due to dampness, humidity, or pet accidents. Some vinyl options even provide a flawless and seamless surface for the best protection of all.

In addition to durability you can genuinely trust, these floors provide visuals that match any décor with superb results. Choose products that mimic all-natural materials or pick more creative options that capture your personality and lifestyle, and our associates will be happy to work alongside you to find the perfect choices.

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For the best luxury vinyl flooring in Bridgeport, CT, be sure to visit us at Absolute Floor Designs whenever you're in the area. Our associates will be waiting to understand you and your requirements better, offering options for every preference and need.

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