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Flooring styles for luxury vinyl

Style is essential and plays a significant role in choosing floor coverings like luxury vinyl flooring. These floors not only offer a wide selection of style options, but they offer other attributes that make them a perfect fit for any room, and we'd like to tell you more about that.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is here

Waterproof vinyl flooring
provides visuals that will match any décor, with products that look just like solid wood, porcelain tile, and all-natural stone varieties. The colors, textures, and formats found in this material line alone are enough to create a wealth of styles to fit almost any need in any room.

However, these floors also offer appearances that match trending tile looks, such as subway tile, geometric patterns, and bold Moroccan visuals. You’ll also find stone options that include marble, granite, and polished concrete looks, with many of the same options you’d find in the real thing.

In addition to styles that fit any possible need, you’ll appreciate the durability that these floors are known for as well. Scratch and stain resistance are built-in features, while the waterproof properties allow you complete peace of mind in every room, so be sure to stop by and find out which styles and options best fit your requirements today.

Our showroom offers plenty of luxury vinyl flooring

Absolute Floor Designs is a fantastic place to shop when you need the best flooring options. We provide excellent materials, professional services, and consultations to ensure the best results from them all.

Our showroom
 is located in Bridgeport, CT, and from there, we serve residents of Bridgeport, Fairfield, Westport, Easton, and Trumbull, CT, and we invite you to visit us for your best options. When you need waterproof flooring that caters to your specific requirements, we have everything you need for the perfect experience.