Flooring for Small Spaces

Choosing flooring for small spaces can be a challenge. It may be a powder room, laundry area, or pantry where you are struggling to find a flooring option that will make the area feel more spacious than it is. Smaller homes, condominiums and apartments try to include these spaces, albeit compact, to attract more home buyers or renters.

At Absolute Floor Designs, our sales associates can guide you to the optimal flooring choices for these small-scale spaces. We can also provide you with our knowledgeable installation team who have the experience needed in these applications. Here are a few tips for your consideration:

Color choice plays a big part in creating an illusion of a larger space. We recommend lighter floor colors such as the lighter neutrals: gray, beige, ivory, or whitewash.

Plank or Tile size
Believe it or not, larger planks or tiles will create a space that looks larger. A floor with minimal seams or grout lines in an area will give a less crowded feel. Choosing a 12”x24” tile or a 7” plank in a light color can make a noticeable difference in the look of a small room.

Lastly, pairing a lighter floor color along with light color walls can also assist in creating a vision of unlimited space. We hope you will take these tips into consideration when visiting us to choose your small space flooring and we look forward to working with you!