Choosing The Right Carpet

Choosing The Right Carpet

Carpet is popular for a reason as it can set the tone and style of any room in your home. Carpeting not only adds style but is also soft underfoot, helping to create a quiet, warm, cozy and inviting space. It is also an ideal option for cooler climates protecting you from an icy cold floor when you get out of bed in the morning.

When you choose carpet for your floors, you have an abundance of options such as a variety of colors, textures, and styles to fit your style and lifestyle. Whatever the room or area of your home, with today’s technology there are many styles available with stain and soil resistance, along with carpets that have durability and sustainability in mind, making carpet a number one customer choice!

Our most popular options for carpet are:

Berber: Berber is a loop pile carpet that is one of the most versatile and great for high traffic areas. Its tightly woven loops provide a strong barrier against dirt and stains, yet at the same time generates a warm offering and considerable durability. This style is ideal for basements, family rooms and living rooms.

Cut & Loop: A cut and loop is a style of carpet that is made by combining looped fibers with cut (straight) ones. This allows for a design to be created in the carpet. Cut and loop patterns provide nice texture and visual interest to a carpet and are best suited for areas with low to moderate amounts of traffic, such as bedrooms, dens, or in some cases. basements.

Plush: A carpet with a very dense style and a luxurious feel. This style works best in low traffic areas such as bedrooms and formal living rooms. As wonderful as the feel of this carpet is, it will show vacuum marks, which is something to consider when choosing a plush style. As an alternate option, you can try a textured plush known for its versatility and softness. It complements any room and does not leave distinct vacuum lines.

Cut pile: This popular carpet style is twisted differently than plush carpet and then steamed to create a permanent curl. This look reflects a casual, cool atmosphere and is ideal for areas that have a reasonable level of foot traffic such as home offices, bedrooms, living rooms and dens.

When you’re ready to choose the right carpet for your home, Absolute Floor Designs has you covered. We have countless years of experience helping clients in Southwestern Connecticut and surrounding areas choose their perfect carpet. Call or stop by our beautiful showroom in Black Rock today!