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Are wood looks available in luxury vinyl flooring?

Yes, and it is called luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two forms.

One refers to the material being cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood planks. The other is when the material is cut into square, tile-sized pieces, mainly used for stone and tile echoes.

About LVP flooring

Like all luxury vinyl flooring, the images are taken with high-definition photography. As a result, they are clear and vibrant, with a full view of knots, swirls, grains, and color variations.

There are no flat images of decades past. We can thank modern technology for that; micro beveling and embossing give the floors depth and dimension.

LVP, a waterproof vinyl flooring, follows all the trends. So, you can have something for any decor, from traditional to contemporary, coastal, mid-century, and more.

Textures: hardwood floor’s finishing touch

Manufacturers can create the very textures that are often done by hand with genuine wood. These include brushed, hand scraped, and distressed.

Embossed-in-register may be the most realistic yet. Here, embossing creates little indentations that exactly match those of the image.

Other waterproof vinyl flooring benefits include:

LVP is waterproof, but you can amp it up with waterproof flooring. This advanced version of luxury vinyl offers the highest level of moisture protection. Durability: A top, transparent, strong wear layer protects the floor from scratches.

2. Low maintenance: only sweeping and periodic mopping are needed.

3. Uncomplicated installation: Glued or installed as a floating floor.

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