Area rug in Bridgeport, CT from Absolute Floor Designs

Area Rugs and stair runners: your home’s glam squad

A carpet area rug pulls together all the room elements and adds warmth and style to any space. In addition, the area rug provides cushioning on hard surfaces like hardwood and tile while insulating against noise and helping to improve indoor air quality; they trap dust and pollutants in their fibers and keep them out of the air.

Absolute Floor Designs: your Southern Connecticut rug expert

We have an extensive inventory of area rugs that come in an assortment of fibers with pet-and-family friendly versions. While they're all beautiful, they're called "stock" for one reason; they come in standard sizes and shapes. In a perfect world, all rooms would be squares, but door sills, baseboards, and moldings must be considered.

This is where we come in because we create custom rugs. So buy that stock rug and take it to us to size and shape it for you. Have you ever had a vision of a particular design that you can't find anywhere, maybe one with a logo, personal greeting, photo reproduction, or unique border? That's also where we come in: We'll make your design vision come live with custom rugs.

When choosing an area rug

1. Make sure it's big enough. Ideally, the rug should fit completely under major furniture (sofa, coffee and end tables, dining room table) with a 12-to-18-inch extension of bare floor showing. If that's not possible, anchor it with the furniture's two front legs.
2. Cover high traffic areas. This is where a carpet stair runner mainly works. People and pets run up and down all day.
3. Bedrooms can be challenging because the rug should fit under the bed with that same 12 to 18-inch extension. If that's not possible, it's okay to use a little creative problem-solving by placing two matching rugs on each side of the bed.
4. If you live in a home or apartment with an open layout, i.e., one big room that houses both the living and dining spaces, separate them with rugs. That same principle applies if you want to create a reading nook or small home office.

Rugs and stair runners are vital design tools that can transform any home. We can do custom rugs and runners to any size and turnaround within a week. So, call or visit Absolute Floor Designs in Bridgeport, CT, especially if you’re in the areas or Bridgeport, Fairfield, Westport, Easton, or Trumbull. Be sure to ask about our free quotes.