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Luxury vinyl flooring: An excellent choice for homes with kids

Talk about multi-tasking! The flooring for homes with kids has to be stylish, durable, safe, waterproof, easy to clean, and last a long time.  

Kids can also be expensive, so all the better if the flooring is budget-friendly. Luxury vinyl flooring checks all those boxes. So, let's take a closer look at why this would be for you.

Durability to withstand a lot of punishment

The top transparent melamine wear layer protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents. It even helps with waterproofing by keeping spills from absorbing and soaking.

Think of the wear layer as a bodyguard for the floor. Luxury vinyl flooring is also five times thicker than the original product.

A waterproof flooring from bottom to top

Waterproof flooring can be submerged or spilled on and is impervious to liquid. This is as opposed to something water-resistant, which must be wiped immediately, or it will soak.

Other luxury vinyl flooring benefits include:

1. Style: Vibrant, realistic images of wood, stone, and tile also include micro beveling and embossing. This gives the floor depth, dimension, and textured looks. Luxury vinyl flooring is cut into planks or square tile-sized pieces.

2. Safety: Kids love to run, jump and play. This vinyl flooring has good traction and is warm, flexible, and resilient. As a result, kids can stop and slow down when needed. 

3. Low maintenance: All it needs is regular sweeping and periodic mopping. This is an excellent benefit for homes with sticky little fingers and lots of spilled milk!

4. Long lifespan: These floors can last over 20 years when installed and maintained correctly.

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