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Hardwood Refinishing

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Hardwood refinishing service

Available at Absolute Floor Designs.

Some people are unsatisfied with their hardwood floors. It's a common misconception that people have to replace their entire hardwood floor or even portions of it. If a hardwood floor has surface stains, scratches and other wear and tear, it's possible to have it refinished to restore it to its original state.

Southern Connecticut customers are pleased to find out that hardwood refinishing makes a drastic change in the home. By completing hardwood refinishing, people can restore their homes according to the original décor. Some houses have old flooring from decades ago. The house may feature craftsmanship that is hard to find these days. Refinishing hardwood flooring helps to preserve its original beauty. However, during the process of refinishing, homeowners can change the look of their floor if they so wish.

Benefits of hardwood refinishing: Easy to replace

Hardwood floor refinishing has several benefits. For instance, hardwood floor refinishing is easier to do than to replace it. Rather than removing the entire current flooring and installing a new one, hardwood floor refinishing cuts the process in half. Refinishing hardwood flooring involves sanding off the old finish. This strips down the floor to reveal bare wood. This also helps to level out the flooring. The wood can then be changed to another color, stains are removed, cracks are repaired and other imperfections are fixed. A new protectant is then applied to the floor. It's a good idea to apply a fresh coating every few years to keep the floor in good condition. Absolute Floor Designs provides expedient results.
Hardwood Refinishing in Bridgeport, CT area from Absolute Floor Designs

Benefits of hardwood refinishing: Cost-efficient to replace

Hardwood flooring refinishing is less expensive than completely replacing a hardwood floor. Absolute Floor Designs is dedicated to providing quality service for customers. Absolute Floor Designs provides efficient results as well. This means that if a floor can be refinished, customers should be given that option. Absolute Floor Designs is there for customers to provide services according to individual needs. Absolute Floor Designs has been dedicated to customers and their homes for over 20 years. Although Absolute Floor Designs provides quality services and results, Absolute Floor Designs provides cost-efficient prices. The amount it takes for hardwood flooring refinishing is less than having a new one installed. By opting for hardwood refinishing, customers can enjoy a like-new floor for a lesser price.

Other services

Besides hardwood flooring refinishing, Absolute Floor Designs collaborates with designers, builders and architects. Whether Southern Connecticut customers are in need of total floor replacement or refinishing, Absolute Floor Designs provides beautiful hardwood flooring to customers in Bridgeport, New Haven, and surrounding areas.

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