Take Advantage of Our Winter Sales Event With New Flooring for Your Home

Take Advantage of Our Winter Sales Event With New Flooring for Your Home

Ah, the peaceful joyous beauty of winter. Snow is on the ground. The house is sealed tight, and everyone is inside snug and warm. But, what to do with all of that extra time? You could take advantage of the decrease in indoor-outdoor foot traffic during the colder months and have that beautiful new floor installed that you've been dreaming about.

If you've spent all year painting or doing other renovations in your home, winter is the perfect time to finish up those projects by adding new flooring. And, it's the perfect time to buy during our winter sales event.

So, take advantage of your down time this winter and think about some of the various design styles that are available for flooring. Here are just some of the options we have to offer.


It seems to come and go over the years. The carpet we see today isn't anything like the carpets that we grew up with. The best things about having carpeting is the softness and warmth underfoot and the various colors, textures and patterns you can add to your overall design. You can choose from either a stylish Berber loop carpeting or a traditional twist style. You'll easily find the perfect color to match any decor. Our entire carpet selection is on display in our showrooms and available to view in our online catalog.


There is just something special about the timeless elegance of hardwood flooring. Maybe, it elicits happy memories from our childhoods and the simplicity of life as a child. Whatever it is, hardwood floors will create a look in your home that will always be in style. You can select from two different types of hardwood flooring options.

Solid Hardwood: Whether you're looking for oak, hickory, maple, or another favorite wood, we will easily guide you through the selection process. Solid hardwood flooring is made of solid wood planks. The width and length of the planks can vary depending on the design that you are looking for. It's installed just like it was in the old days, with a hammer and nails, and a lot of skill.

Engineered Hardwood: It's a high-quality and durable method of manufacturing wood planks by bonding several layers of wood together. The top layers would be made with your desired wood to create the natural beauty of hardwood. The planks are typically connected in a tongue-and-groove fashion and glued to your sub-floor, instead of using nails. The finish can be either in a high-gloss or a more subdued texture to compliment whichever style that you prefer. Engineered hardwood flooring can also be installed in any level of your home, as it doesn’t expand and contract as much as traditional hardwood flooring.


You may have an area where you want the look of wood, but are worried about the constant foot traffic causing damage and scratches. Check out our huge selection of laminate options. Laminate flooring is another engineered method of pressing real wood together to create a durable floor covering. The biggest advantages of laminate are its low cost, ease of cleaning, and its longevity. And, the end result of installing laminate flooring is being able to enjoy the look of a beautiful hardwood floor without the cost.


Your possibilities are endless with the different looks that you can create with floor tile. Here are just some of the many options we have to offer your for tile flooring. With tile, you’re not just limited to the color and texture you choose, but you can also add originality with the layout. Whether you decide upon a wood look tile with a herringbone layout or a classic travertine arrangement, you’re sure to love the brands of tile we carry as well as the expertise of our installers.

Luxury Vinyl

The best thing about luxury vinyl tiles is that they can be used to create any look that your heart desires. Whether you are looking for a floor that looks like ceramic tile, wood, or even stone, you will find the perfect vinyl tile in our huge selection. Luxury vinyl flooring is more resilient than the counterparts it mimics and we see it as one of the biggest trends of 2019.

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is the perfect flooring option for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and any other area of your house that could be prone to wet footprints or spills. It’s a family favorite because it can withstand some of life’s biggest messes.

Get ready for Spring

Set yourself up for a great Spring today by taking advantage of our winter deals. Your possibilities are endless and so are our options. To help you get started we’re offering $500 off your next flooring purchase. Get your coupon here.