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Nylon vs. Polyester: What's the difference?

So you’ve decided to get carpet for your next floor covering. Good choice! Now you have a choice to make: nylon or polyester? These two fibers are very popular, so it’s good to know the differences between the two.

High quality

For high traffic areas, you want high-quality nylon, which is very durable. It resists matting and will spring back into shape after you move heavy furniture or electronics off it. Usually, it is used for dining rooms and living rooms. Polyester is another high-quality fiber that is mainly used in bedrooms.

Resistance to stains

Nylon undergoes a chemical treatment in the factory to make it stain resistant. So a glass of wine will soak into an untreated piece of nylon. But that same glass of wine will not affect polyester at all. That is because polyester is a hydrophobic material. So it is naturally resistant to stains.

Resistance to crushing

Of the two, nylon is more resilient. For example, when you walk on a nylon carpet, it will return to its original form and won’t crush down. Instead, the nylon will spring back into place. Polyester, on the other hand, is a softer material and less resilient. As a result, it is more suited for rooms with less traffic, like a bedroom.

Resistance to fading

Polyester has a higher color range than nylon. It comes in vibrant and exciting colors. At the same time, nylon is more of a dull grey or matte color. Both are resistant to fading. Manufacturers warn against putting any carpet in direct sunlight, so you may want to use an area rug to protect the fibers.

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