Choose carpet for your Bridgeport home

Choosing carpet for your floors

How to choose a good carpet

Carpet is a great floor covering for spaces that range from bedrooms to patios. Luxurious styles are often desired for the former, while functional indoor/outdoor types are appropriate. Carpet has always been a favorite for stairs, where it provides cushioning and basements, where it keeps a cold cement floor warm. Absolute Floor Designs is a carpet store in Bridgeport, CT that offers a large selection of all types of high-quality carpeting.

Carpet pile

The most durable carpets have a short loop pile. The term 'pile' refers to two characteristics: density of fibers and length of those fibers. Natural or synthetic fibers are sewn onto a backing in loops to create carpet, and these loops can be cut at the tips to make more styles. With cut pile styles, fibers are twisted or turned to increase durability. Most carpeting has a TPI, or turns per inch, of 3.5 to 6.0. The higher the TPI, the less likely the fibers will unravel.


There are several things to consider when you are comparing carpet brands. First, think about the amount of foot traffic. Nylon and triexta are tough fibers that can stand up to high activity in a room. Pet-friendly brands, which have increased stain resistance, are often made with one of these fibers. While human-made carpets are best for well-used spaces, wool is ideal for bedrooms. Carpet tiles, with their endless design possibilities, are a substitute for wall-to-wall carpeting.

Locally owned Absolute Floor Designs provides installation services and a selection of carpeting by top companies like Cavan and Godfrey Hirst. We serve southern Connecticut, including the communities of Bridgeport, Westport, Easton, and Trumbull. Estimates are free, and 0% financing is available. You can start your carpet flooring upgrade by viewing our online catalog and using our online chat service. Or visit our showroom in Bridgeport.