Need New Hardwood Floors?

There comes a time in every homeowner's life when replacing the floors is necessary.  Whether its a structural or purely a design change, changing your existing hardwood floors is big undertaking that can also can bring financial benefits.

How can you tell if your hardwood flooring is in need of a complete overhaul?  Here are some clues to watch out for and if even one of these applies to your floors you should contact us, so that we may help you get your floors back into shape.

Noise is a big indicator that flooring is at the end of its life.  While some squeaking is relatively normal, especially in older houses, an excessive amount of creaking shouldn't be ignored.  You may be tempted to make quick fixes  but a fresh, new installation is the better way to go and will get rid of those noises instantly.

Another reason to go with new hardwood floors is if you have too many deep scratches and nicks.  These usually cannot be removed by simply refinishing the floors.

If floorboards are moving, this is the ultimate sign that you need to replace your floors.  This not only can cause safety hazards but can also mean problems with the sub-floors, such as those obvious with structural issues. 

If you have any of these issues it may be time to replace those floors.  We urge you to contact us for a free flooring estimate, our professionals will be happy to help you!