Advantages of Engineered wood floors

There are many benefits to using engineered wood floors in your home..

Engineered hardwood is designed in such a way that the problem caused through moisture for regular hardwood floors is reduced with engineered wood floors.

The extra layers block excess moisture and provide stability.

Engineered floors do not swell or warp due to climatic conditions.

The cost of maintenance is low.

Engineered wood floors can be installed anywhere.  Whether it is above the ground level, below the ground level or even at ground level.

Engineered floors can be installed on any kind of sub floor such as ceramic tiles or vinyl floors.

Engineered floors are installed three ways:  they can be glued, nailed or stapled down.

Engineered wood flooring is an eco-friendly choice.  The wood is sliced and not sawed.  This way, using the entire wood instead of wasting it and there is no debris added to Mother Nature.

Engineered wood floors have a top layer of veneer.  It can either be a thin layer or thick one.  If the layer is thin, it cannot be refinished or sanded.  But if it is a thick layer it can be refinished and sanded just like regular hardwood floors.

We offer a variety of engineered flooring choices here in the showroom, we urge you to come down and take a look!