Getting your floors ready for the holidays...

Company's coming so you want to make sure your home is ready for the holiday celebrations!  We offer the following tips to make sure your floors are ready...

Hardwood Floors: If you have hardwood floors, clean regularly with a wood cleaner made for hardwood floors to maintain their appeal.  Consider using rubber based door mats by the doors to trap dirt and debris from the outdoors before it hits the floor.

Carpet:  You should vacuum your carpet at least once a week to suck up dirt, dust and other pollutants that might decrease its aesthetic appeal.  A few weeks before the holidays you may want to get a professional carpet cleaning to ensure that the carpet is in its best condition before your guests arrive.

Vinyl/Laminate Floors:  These materials are fairly easy to maintain and therefore, you will not have to do too much to prepare.  Clean floors regular so that dirt and dust don't build up.  Do make sure that the cleaner is safe to use for the floor type or you can always use some white vinegar mixed with water for a deeper cleaning.

Tile Floors: Tile flooring requires regular cleaning as well.  Wet cleaning to wipe spills and splashes, dry cleaning to get rid of dust and dirt.  Pay close attention to corners and hard to reach places.  Use a cleaner specific for the type of tile you have to keep them free of grime and buildup.

If you floors are not in the best condition, you may want to consider updating them before the holidays.  A new floor can transform your entire interior and breathe new life into your decor.

Call us at Absolute Floor Designs, we would love to help get your home holiday ready!