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What is the most important aspect of a room? While you could say the fabrics, furnishings, and flooring all play a pivotal role, it is the paint color that ties them all together. No one understands the importance or is more capable of a delivering a perfect painting job in Southern Connecticut more than Absolute Floor Designs. We take your creative vision and actualize it in a timely and professional manner, guaranteed. With a skilled team of painters, great financial planning, comprehensive consultations, and the finest quality paints, we ensure that your experience with us is hassle-free and economical. Our experienced craftsmen hold themselves to the highest standard and deliver beautiful results while taking care to protect your home and possessions during renovations.

Any statement that you wish to make in your home, whether it be extravagant or more simplistic, is possible with the right paints. Even walls that have already been painted with super-saturated red or green paints can be primed and repainted with ease. Take, for example, a handsome study polished with the inclusion of a burnt sierra to compliment contemporary office furniture. Or perhaps you seek to revitalize your bedroom with a calming hue of blue, bringing to mind a warm sea breeze and a balmy afternoon on the shore. Any washroom can gain a flourish of luxury with a classic color such as Tiffany box blue, trimmed with white. Even a stairwell can be a space to make a statement with the right paint, with attention-grabbing colors such as burnt orange or brick red to contrast with more subdued neutrals in the carpet runner.

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With the nearly limitless array of colors, any design plan can be taken to the next level
simply by choosing the right shade. All of these services, products and more are available
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